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Online Book Club

The aim of the sessions is to help children develop higher-order thinking skills and use active reading strategies. We will be reading excerpts from the books, annotating them and highlighting literary devices, for example, the use of figurative language.

Many children are described as ‘avid readers’ however they still lack comprehension skills and struggle to answer questions related to texts, in particular inferential questions, where they are required to look for clues and read between the lines.

How it works:

A handout will be emailed to all parents; this will include an excerpt from the book and a worksheet. The worksheets will include tasks that help to identify the literary devices used in the extracts, followed by questions based on the text.

Homework tasks will be set (which are optional). They will reinforce the concepts taught in each session.

*Please note that each term is a period of 6 to 7 weeks; if you would like to book a specific date then please contact us.*

● PRICE: £10 PER 30 MIN SESSION ● YEAR 4: THURSDAYS 4 - 4.30 PM ● YEAR 5: FRIDAYS 4.45 - 5.15 PM


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